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Music instruments

More than 1400 musical instruments of the Basque Country and the rest of the world, pertaining to the different classification groups and coming from the five continents.

With part of this collection the permanent and the travelling
exhibitions have been organized. The remaining instruments are arranged in
a warehouse, being possible its consultation on the part of the investigators.


More than 5800 books and journals. In addition old and present collections about music and traditional instruments.


More than 4800 units published in disc, cassette and CD. Hundreds of live recordings to informants, instrumentalists or singers, stored in cassette, magnetic tape and DAT.

Photographs, video and films

Hundreds of pictures, films (8mm and 16mm) and video tapes. Some of them published and others made throughout the years of collection of data.


  • The original workshop of the Bilbao family (Jose Mari and Leon Bilbao) is now situated on the ground floor of the building.
  • The workshop for making and repairing instruments has already been used for reconstruction and repair work.
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